Platform Overview

Your borrowing bases need an upgrade

Connect your data, operations, and processes into one central, enhanced workspace, so you can focus on generating alpha.


Compliance starts with control.

Step out of Excel and embrace automated borrowing bases. Gain precision monitoring, deep drill-downs, and proactive notifications, ensuring you are in control of your compliance.

Model Automation

Elevate your compliance operations with LevSync's comprehensive automation, tailored precisely to your governing documents.

Drill Down Details

Lift the veil on any number effortlessly. LevSync offers complete drill-down capabilities, so you can grasp exactly how it's calculated.

Lender Accepted Excel Models

LevSync offers 1-click lender-specific Excel models with formulas. Seamlessly conduct your work on LevSync and export the results directly to Excel for submission.

Data Orchestrator

Orchestrate data like a maestro.

Accurate borrowing bases are data intensive and time-consuming. Easily pipe in data from numerous sources, eliminate manual munging, and update stagnant data all in one place.

Unified Facility Data

All required attributes for your portfolio effortlessly converge within LevSync. Easily feed data from your existing systems or manage it directly within LevSync.

Robust Editing

Encountering inaccuracies in your incoming data? Quickly override them in LevSync and rerun the process. LevSync provides a complete set of intuitive data management tools.

Conditional Rules

Coming soon. LevSync facilitates seamless communication between auditors and fund managers. Easily exchange information, clarify queries.


Test your way to alpha.

Run experiments, gather insights, and continuously optimize your leverage and compliance,   across all portfolios.

Multi-Variant Tests

LevSync facilitates seamless communication between auditors and fund managers. Easily exchange information, clarify queries.


Model your deal pipeline over time or compare investments effortlessly with LevSync. With just a few clicks, analyze data without opening Excel.

Side-By-Side Comparison

While no two facilities are completely identical, LevSync standardizes and offers side-by-side comparisons of key calculations and statistics.


One less thing to remember.

Know which deliverables are due, and when, without the guesswork.

Projected Deliverables

Stay informed about upcoming deliverables. LevSync neatly organizes all your reporting requirements with reminders, eliminating missed deadlines.

Operations Checklist

Implement your internal policies and procedures effortlessly with LevSync checklists. Track and ensure your teams don't miss a thing.

Approved Reports

Effortlessly review and approve reports for submission to lenders. Once approved, easily share them with pre-approved users.

All Terms and Key Sections

LevSync catalogues all defined terms and frequently visited sections for ease of use, eliminating the need to search through PDFs.

Compare Across Agreements

Effortlessly compare terms across agreements to identify differences and similarities quickly. No more juggling multiple PDFs.


Need legal expertise to interpret parts of your agreement? Save notes with terms and effortlessly share them across your organization for consistent usage.

Interactive Docs

Easily Navigate LSAs and Credit Agreements

Parsed Documents

Easily navigate your governing documents with LevSync. Our platform parses your entire PDFs for easy access, eliminating the need to search through shared drive folders.

Easy Searching

Conduct comprehensive searches across facility agreements, portfolio management agreements, and related documents with a single search term.

Ask Questions

LevSync is tailored to understand your facilities. Simply ask a question, and let LevSync handle the rest. It can address most of your common inquiries.

Reimagine your portfolio financing operations today

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